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Paul is a ballpoint pen artist living in Escondido, CA with his wife and three children.  He grew up skateboarding and drawing in a small town in Wisconsin before moving to San Diego for sunnier skies and maybe a job at a skate shop.  His drawing took a backseat for nearly 20 years as he pursued a career in skateboarding that ultimately led him to a Marketing Director position at TransWorld SKATEboarding.  Inspired by the talents of his new coworkers and friends, he quite randomly decided to start a ballpoint pen sketch of his friend Wes Kremer.  At age 39 after 20 years of not drawing a single time, Paul rediscovered his talent and love of drawing. Using the stipple technique, each of his current works is made up of millions of dots and typically take 3-4 months, and up to 200 hours to complete.